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2016 Beginnings, loss of two great talents, and a Valentine offer for you.

Jody Ochs

2016 is starting off to be quite an eventful year. We're not even mid January and stupid cancer has already claimed two amazing icons from our midst. David Bowie, the man who gave us permission to be ourselves, and yesterday the superbly talented villain we all loved, Alan Rickman. So sad. Both a little too young, and both leaving behind an amazing legacy. I can't wait for the two films that Rickman is in, to come out later this year.

On a more positive note, I'll be traveling for pleasure this year. Texas to see my parents next month, and that's after my son and his significant other (what do you say, when they don't feel they need a piece of paper?) visit in 2 weeks. Then in June I'll be going up to my former home state of Minnesota for a lakeside (and fishing!) vacation, with all of the above. Can't wait for all of it, and hope to see some old friends while there!

In order to accommodate my son and Jen's visit, though, I had to cancel a show I'd planned in Florida for the end of January. So! To make up for that income, and to reward those who matter most to my business, yes, that's YOU, my loyal and much appreciated customers (!), I am offering 40% off my entire collection of Steel and Gold, if you order between now and January 31st. Just in time for Valentine's day! Some of the items are in stock, others are not, but that will give me enough time to make them for you for Valentine gifts! Don't wait until the last minute though. Chris and Jen will be here for 7 days the first week in January! Enter code: CAV2016 at checkout.

Adventures in Charlottesville

Jody Ochs

Finally! Home a week and still catching up! Spring is such a busy time, getting the garden amended and in!

Meet Meg!

Meg and I met at Chris Nelson’s workshop last June, where we learned how to fuse gold to steel. She and I had benches next to each other, and I was charmed by her intelligence, graphic illustration talent and sweet humor. We became friends. What I didn’t know at the time, was that she was a master at Precious Metal Clay, but did not yet have a professional torch in her studio. So upon returning to her studio, and after trying to do it herself, Meg hired a local blacksmith to come into her studio and set up her torch for her.  The blacksmith did a very professional job of it, but but Meg was still uncomfortable using the torch.  So last week, at Meg’s request, I went up to help her get comfortable with her oxy/propane torch and add the things she needed to make use of Chris’ awesome workshop. Fire and Heat are serious! She ordered the enhanced tips that Chris suggested in his workshop, most importantly the extension tip. When you are fusing, it gets really hot and Meg wanted her hands as far away from the actual heat as possible. Success! The rest of what we did was just reinforce what she had learned at the workshop. You know… use it or loose it and it had been almost a year! She hadn’t lost it, that’s for sure, but needed someone who had been doing it, to feel comfortable as it came back to as she went through the steps. She followed along with her notes from Chris’ class and I mostly stood as support coach. She had a couple of pieces that she’d made in a blacksmithing workshop, so she fused gold to those, see pics on my Facebook page. While I was there, because she wanted a few more pieces to practice on, we looked at her electro-plating machine, which she had questions about too. Boy was that an experience. Meg had purchased it used/new. And we spent hours trying to figure that bugger out. The readings were in the negative as you can see in the pic, and no one, (I called many people) could explain why). What I finally deduced is the machine was made in China, no one stood behind it and it simply read the wrong numbers but still worked. So she can proceed, ignoring the readings and watching the activity taking place in the salt water bath. Whew! All in all we had fun and Meg can now go forward with what we learned in Chris Nelson’s fabulous workshop. By the way, if you are interested in learning fusing gold to steel, Chris teaches workshops all over the country and abroad. You can contact him here:    If you want regular silversmithing & fabrication help in your studio, I’m happy to travel and help you as I did Meg. I also offer workshops in my studio here in Western North Carolina, information is on my website under classes and workshops!


Spring!!! Mothers Day and Gift Certificates!

Jody Ochs

Well, if you are on my mailing list, you already know I'm not much of a blogger.... Busy actually doing things, not necessarily writing about them. And I've had a lot going on here! The ducks are mating, which means I have been incubating and getting ducklings out there in the world so that Silver Appleyards can get off the "critical" list as the Sebastopols have. It's fun, but nail biting too. Goose and Duck eggs are not in anyway easy to incubate. Temp and Humidity have to be just right and my calibrated hygrometer is off this year! But I've had one decent hatch so far and they went to live at a B& B lodge with a pond where they have a floating coop to keep them safe from predators. Pix at the end. You can see a short video of them the first day of hatch after they've had a few hours to dry off, here: 2015 Silver Appleyard Ducklings 

Meanwhile, lot's of seeds started for my garden beds and they will have to be planted in the beds before I leave for a 5 day teaching gig. :-) Oh, and the asparagus has been coming in, so I know it's really spring! ;-)

But on to, the JEWELS! I have added a gift certificate to the website - just in time for Mothers Day! Here's how it works: It is in $25. increments, so you can purchase any amount you like in those increments by choosing 1, 2, 3, 4 or however many $25. you'd like to put towards the gift. When you check out, there will be a required field to let me know how and where to send the certificate. I can email a PDF for you, with all of the pertinent info filled out, or I can email it to your chosen recipient. Alternatively, you can give me a physical address and I can send it there.

In addition, I am also participating in a Mothers Day Special with a group of other artists. Everything in the gift guide is 20% off. My offering is a steel and gold chased, etched bracelet, and will have to be custom made, so if you'd like to take advantage of that, you'll need to order soon. Here is the link to download the gift guide Mothers Day Gift Guide

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