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Elegant cutting edge hand forged sculptural jewelry of exceptional quality in mixed metals and gemstones.

Waiting for me at the bench!




Waiting for me at the bench!

Jody Ochs

I've been busy here on the computer for the last few days, creating this new website, and it'll be a few more I think! But here's a picture of what is waiting for me at the bench when I get back in the studio. This cuff will be "chased" where I have drawn the designs, which means I'll be making some more chisels out of tool steel to cut into the mild steel to create channels following my drawing. When that's done I will fuse 20 KT green gold to it, heat patina to make it black and then form it into a bracelet cuff. The last step is to heat it to about 200 degrees and put a hard wax on it that melts and encases it to protect it from oxidation.

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