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2016 Beginnings, loss of two great talents, and a Valentine offer for you.

Jody Ochs

2016 is starting off to be quite an eventful year. We're not even mid January and stupid cancer has already claimed two amazing icons from our midst. David Bowie, the man who gave us permission to be ourselves, and yesterday the superbly talented villain we all loved, Alan Rickman. So sad. Both a little too young, and both leaving behind an amazing legacy. I can't wait for the two films that Rickman is in, to come out later this year.

On a more positive note, I'll be traveling for pleasure this year. Texas to see my parents next month, and that's after my son and his significant other (what do you say, when they don't feel they need a piece of paper?) visit in 2 weeks. Then in June I'll be going up to my former home state of Minnesota for a lakeside (and fishing!) vacation, with all of the above. Can't wait for all of it, and hope to see some old friends while there!

In order to accommodate my son and Jen's visit, though, I had to cancel a show I'd planned in Florida for the end of January. So! To make up for that income, and to reward those who matter most to my business, yes, that's YOU, my loyal and much appreciated customers (!), I am offering 40% off my entire collection of Steel and Gold, if you order between now and January 31st. Just in time for Valentine's day! Some of the items are in stock, others are not, but that will give me enough time to make them for you for Valentine gifts! Don't wait until the last minute though. Chris and Jen will be here for 7 days the first week in January! Enter code: CAV2016 at checkout.

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