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Elegant cutting edge hand forged sculptural jewelry of exceptional quality in mixed metals and gemstones.

Silver and Gold Collection

All Pendants and Earrings on this page are Argentium Silver, if the item has gold added to it, the karat is stated in the description of the piece. These are all hand made original pieces and can be replicated with a gemstone of your choice. Please contact me, before ordering for pricing and availability. Thank you for being here! #contemporaryjewelry #artjewelry #microcosm #metalsmith #contemporarycraft #artistatlarge #womenartists #craftswoman #ladyboss #handsthatmake #handmade #handmadejewelry #timelesshandcrafted #Pearlsrule #RioJeweler #Motorcoachmama #traveltheworld #contemporaryartjewelry


Faceted Pear shaped Peridot Gem Ring Sterling and 22 Karat Gold

Cyndy’s ring2.jpg
Cyndy’s ring2.jpg

Faceted Pear shaped Peridot Gem Ring Sterling and 22 Karat Gold


This ring can be made in any size and shaped faceted stone you would like, the one featured is on a 3/8 inch band with a Pear shaped Peridot. Price variants will be size and type of stone. Contact me before ordering if you would like something other than what is pictured.

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Gorgeous Peridot Ring with 8mm pear shaped faceted gem set in 22 Kt gold with 925 sterling band and 22 Kt accents - can be made in most other semi precious or precious gemstones.

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