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Elegant cutting edge hand forged sculptural jewelry of exceptional quality in mixed metals and gemstones.

Steel and Gold Collection

Hand Fabricated Mild Steel Sculptural Jewelry fused with high karat gold.



Lily Pad Steel Pendant with Pearl and 20 Karat Fused Gold


Lily Pad Steel Pendant with Pearl and 20 Karat Fused Gold


SOLD! Custom orders for similar are welcome! CONTACT ME FOR LEAD TIME BEFORE ORDERING. THANK YOU!

Mild Steel, chased and fused with 20 KT Green Gold, with a heat patina, hardened wax coating to protect from oxidation. This Pendant will be made to order, it will be on a black rubber cord with 14 Karat gold clasp. When ordering, please allow 2 weeks for delivery and specify the length of chain. You can also specify what size you would like the lily pad, the size of a quarter, nickel or dime. You may also contact The Southern Highland Craft Store, in Asheville, NC which may have it in stock for immediate delivery. Their telephone number is 828-277-6222

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